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English name: College of Asian Scholars

Abbreviated English name: C.A.S.


The vision is to be the institution of the best quality and universal standardization and international relations. Especially in Asian countries for changing the knowledge and experience of the economy, social, Technology, and culture.

Visionary, Discipline, and Integrity.

The commitment to produce graduates in life-long learning and there is the public mind and knows how to serve the social, and fills with the morality, the discipline, and the leadership.

Mission is to produce graduates for the requirement of the labor market, and social. Doing a research for expanding the knowledge in the field of the college opens to teach, and applying to solve the problems, technical services for society and fostering local culture of the nation.

Strategic goals
The target is to produce the graduates
The aim is to produce graduates along with the desired characteristics. The moral leads the knowledge and according to the requirement of the labor market both the local and international level by holding the philosophical principles of the sufficient economy.

Research Target
The research target is to promote the research and development by creating the knowledge, educational management, local and social development with efficiency and effectiveness.

Goal of academic services to society
Supporting the variety of educational services for transferring the knowledge and technology to society. People will be better in quality of life and the cause of social learning.

Goal of maintaining of the arts, culture and Thai wisdom
Supporting the learning and distributing the local wisdom of Thai arts, culture, and the cultural exchange with foreign countries.

Management goals

The intensive management system improvement and the tasks are essential to the educational process. Try to have the modernization and get the high performance, and governance.

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College of Asian Scholars
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