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The Faculty of Law

The faculty of Law college of CAS, founded on March 2003 and has opened for students whose completed this secondary level or equivalent, transferred credit students from other universities and the graduates who want to take the second bachelor’s degree.

Due to the development is politics, social, and economy led to the more necessary of using law, it has expanded the opportunity is studying law for students whose aim at having career a legal field; for example, a judge, a public prosecutor, an administrative government, a police officer, a legal consultant, a lawyer, a jurist, etc.

To maintain the quality of education, the Faculty of Law appoints the External Academic Committee responsible for giving advices in teaching and curriculum improvement, and checking out the examination papers. Moreover the legal professional specialists were invited for being guest lecturers, and the faculty provides academic services such as special lectures about law issues, training courses, students’ studying trips also set up the Legal Aid Center to service to local community.

The graduates from the Faculty of Law, CAS, were accepted to get a resemble legal educational standard with the law graduates from Chulalongkon University, Thammasart University, and Ramkamhang University according to the Institute of Legal Education Thai Bar Association Regulations B.E. 2507 section 56[2]. The faculty also passed the legal educational standard followed the Lawyer Council of Thailand Regulation B. E. 2529 section 5[2].

Justice, Virtue, and Honest are a jurist’s qualifications.

To product the graduates with legal knowledge in order to serge society and uphold justice.

The faculty aims at developing and improving law to appropriate with the social and economic situations to benefit mankind.

Being a faculty produces a legal graduate with professional knowledge and ability. The graduate is expecting to have moral and virtue to create benefits to society and the country.





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